Basic rules - Read this

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Basic rules - Read this

by OldCoder » Sun Dec 03, 2017 05:57


We'd like to thank Perttu Ahola, Nathanael Courant, Craig Robbins, Auke-Jan Kok, Christel Dahlskjaer, Christian Loosli, Paul LeBlanc, and others for their contributions and encouragement.

The Rules are Jewels

1. Trademark note: The site owner asserts rights related to continuous long-term legitimate and public use, in the U.S. and in other countries world-wide, of the mark "Minetest".

2. Information provided by the FAQ page is old. It may or may not be applicable to this release of the site. The FAQ will be updated when time permits,

3. Original material that is posted or uploaded by site members, or that is emailed or otherwise transmitted by parties of any type, may be assigned the following license:

CC BY-SA 4.0 with rights-holders, for CC purposes, set to readily identifiable creators, members, and/or existing rights-holders as is (a) agreed to, or (b) deemed appropriate, by the site owner.

A different license may be substituted as is (a) agreed to, or (b) deemed appropriate, by the site owner.

Links are a special case, Original material that is linked by creators and/or rights-holders, or with the permission of the parties in question, may be subject to the same rules as is (a) agreed to, or (b) deemed appropriate, by the site owner.

To summarize things informally, if people submit new posts and/or files, they're likely to be edited, moved around, remixed, or otherwise made use of. The posts and/or files, that is, as opposed to the people.

4. Material that is posted or uploaded by OldCoder, for which a license is not stated, has the following license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 with the rights-holder specified as OldCoder. This default license is subject to change subsequent to notice.

This rule takes precedence over the preceding rule.

5. Two technical notes related to DMCA:

The site owner has been advised by an intellectual property attorney that, for DMCA requests to be valid, copyright needs to be registered formally and specific procedures need to be followed.

Additionally, if a rights-holder posts material on social media sites and/or public sites of various types, he or she may, due to fine print associated with such sites, forfeit rights to the material in question and/or rights related to DMCA.

This isn't legal advice. It's a casual perspective. People are encouraged to do their own research.

6. We ask that language and content be suitable, in the sense of the U.S. movie ratings system, for general audiences.

7. The Privacy Policy for the forums, aka "the Site", is that arbitrary information may be collected, used, and distributed without limits except as required by laws in countries that are acknowledged to have jurisdiction.

8. The Site is not intended for direct use, as in registration and participation, by people of less than 13 years of age. Use by such people with the approval and supervision of parents or guardians should be all right.

9. This post, and these rules, are subject to change, modifications to this post constituting notification of the changes.

10. By accessing and using the Site, you agree that you have read and understand this post up to and including this paragraph and that you accept, and consent to, the parts of the preceding text which require consent.

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