Angkor Wat

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Angkor Wat

by OldCoder » Tue Sep 04, 2018 03:28

Angkor Wat

This page is Angkor Wat

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Individual schems may be downloaded from the sections below. You can get them all in a single ZIP file at this link.

Old preconceptions aren't worth squat
When clever people rethink what's what
Innovations, new ideas, we'll give you the lot
To start the ball rolling, here's Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat's up, Doc, the Bunny says
We're fans of builds and plans
Below you'll find JPEGs high-rez
Of a build that's not also-rans

Angkor Wat is one of the most famous temples in the world. It's nearly 900 years old.

Slopsbucket would like to offer you a free detailed Minetest model of Angkor Wat, one suitable for edutech purposes. This is the best readily available digital model of the complex available, in any format, as of 2018.

You can download the schem right now!
Here are the instructions regarding how:
Look under the first (topmost) screenshot right below
It's got the link and parameters for the show
Angkors Away, my friend, Angkors Away
Read the load tutorial as well the load bug to slay

Important: The schem is large, and newer releases of Minetest have bugs related to large schems. To load this schem, or any large schem, in Minetest 0.4.16 or above, use the instructions in the following tutorial:


Name: Angkor Wat
Location: -775, 22, -171
Download: AngkorWat.mts
Schem Pos: -1180, 8, -459
Size: 800x577, 83 high, Pos 1 is ground level
Teleport: /angkor or /angkorwat with more below
Remarks: First stable release (October 06, 2018). Angkors Away, my friend, Angkors Away.

More teleport commands:
/angkorcross - Cross in front
/angkorhigh - Highest Centre Plaza

Note: The default TP command, /angkorwat, goes to the Middle Upper Plaza.

Slopsbucket says:

Building Angkor Wat has been as educational for me as I intended it to be for others.

This by far the most accurate Minecraft or Minetest model of this complex that I've yet seen.

It's impossible to be entirely accurate at this scale. However, I got it as close as I could. One example of what makes it difficult is the stairs, I only have 2 options for steepness and this governs how far out the surrounding buttressing must extend from the walls.

I experimented with the use of realistic textures to try to make it look more like the real thing. However, that hides a lot of the features and to my eye doesn’t look as attractive.

I hope that people receive enjoyment from this model and that it is reused in edutech contexts.

Slopsbucket continues:

Religious buildings often have designs based on military defensive strategy. Even a modern Christian church built in the shape of a cross is a defensible structure.

This is because, at some stage in its history, every religious following fears persecution. This is obvious with Angkor Wat; it'’s a walled city with it’s own water supply and protected farmlands.

Building a complete replica of Angkor Wat in Minetest isn't practical without building on such a large scale that you'd never be able to see all of it at once. So I'’ve had to compromise, thought I've kept it as close to the real thing as possible. I've only built the main temple complex, not the surrounding farmlands and outer wall.

It’'s not much bigger than life size in the game and I hope that walking through it is as instructive as it is novel.

Here are just a few screenshots from the build process. To read a more complete journal of the build, click here.


180912. Slopsbucket has started work on a second building in Angkor Wat.


180907. Slopsbucket deleted the old building, adjusted the floor plan, started over, and got this far in just one day.

180907. Slopsbucket says:

My maths was wrong!

There is no way that the roof can be made to fit those walls, it simply can't happen, end of story. People can draw all the fanciful floor maps they like, if the roof don't fit, then it's wrong.

So I've started again, this time using a mathematical model of how it must be in order for the roof to fit. The eye can deceive, but the maths never lies.

Making the whole thing fit mathematics and nothing else is more difficult than one would think, and it's giving me something very different from the original floor plan.


180905. 5th day. Slopsbucket is making rapid progress.


180903. 3rd day. The building is getting up to speed.


180902. 2nd day. Ground nodes have been added and work on the building proper has started.


180901. 1st day. Slopsbucket has imported a floor plan.

This page is Angkor Wat

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