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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 03:18
by redblade7
Two weeks ago I created a new, third server, "THE DIGITAL FARMS"

Port: 52000
Location: Newark, NJ

OpenNIC: digitalfarms.dyn, port 52000
Namecoin: digitalfarms.bit, port 52000

The Digital Farms is very similar to Free Pizza Server, but is intended to have a focus on farming. The hunger bar depletes quickly (1 loaf per minute), and Farming Redo and Mobs Redo's mobs_animal mod are used.

The mods included are basically the same as my Creative Mode server, The Creative Gardens, though it does not include the heavy-duty plant and tree mods (plantlife_modpack, tiny trees, moretrees), nor does it include mesecons which wouldn't go well on a non-creative server (though boost_cart and travelnet are present). For inventory, unified_inventory_lite is used.

Protection is provided through the Protector Redo mod. There is damage on the server, but no PvP.

The Digital Farms uses the new Mapgen v7.

Commands are: /spawn (to Spawn Town), /sethome and /home, /teleport playername or x,y,z

Screenshots to come as more people build on the server.


Rule #1: Be nice
Rule #2: No hacking
Rule #3: No griefing
Rule #4: No impersonation
Rule #5: No bugging
Rule #6: No simulation of sexual acts
Rule #7: No sexual advances
Rule #8: No recruiting for discussions outside of Minetest (IM, Skype, etc). Public IRC channels are OK.

Have fun and let me know what you think!