Legends Of Survival

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Legends Of Survival

by slopsbucket » Wed Nov 28, 2018 05:55

One of the world’s most popular Minetest worlds, more than 200,000 visitors, is back on-line.

The server address is "minebest.org" (with a "b"). The port number is: 30011

The IRC channel is: irc.oldcoder.org #minetest-general

Some of the builders are Russians. If you'd like to talk to them, you can use copy-paste between the IRC channel and Google Translate. That works pretty well.

Old player accounts still exist, but you'll need to ask for your account to be made active again. Edgy1, DI3HARD139, slopsbucket, and OldCoder can do that for you.

We’ve been working long hours to restore this world to its wonderful present state without griefing. We're putting a few measures in place to try and keep it that way.

The restoring of this world has had to be done piece by piece. It's been a lot of work and we’re not finished. If you need damage repaired, tell one of the admins and give them map coordinates; we’ll do what’s possible.

There are two mod policy changes:

* Don’t ask for the WorldEdit privilege. This world is huge, so we’re very careful with WorldEdit,

* We’ve had to disable NodeBreakers.

This is going to concern people, especially Kiwi. We regret the inconvenience, but it really was necessary. When only a few people were using them, and just a little, they were fine, but now there’s hundreds of thousands of them and this is causing lag. The economic situation in the game has also become somewhat unfair.

If you were using NodeBreakers before, you’ll need to collect resources manually now.

New features:

* Everybody can get a teleport /command of their own to show off their favorite build or area. For example, "/zulfikar" goes to Zulfikar's complex.

* There are multiple spawn-points. /spawn picks one at random.

* We've added "ambience" for now. This means that there are background sounds.
We removed "ambience" again because it causes too much lag.

* There's a wiki page. It appears when you enter the game. You can make it appear again by typing "/info" or "/wiki".

* Players can ask for a personal theme sound to be added. It'll play when they enter the game. Note: To avoid annoyance to other players, the sounds will need to be kept short.

* Outer Space has been added and will be filled in with features over time. This will include the usual asteroids belt.

* There will be a TRON level complete with lightcycles.

* There are a few more added mods, but we'll try not to make the world much heavier mod-wise than it already is.
Repaired Spawn
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