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Wonder Build Server

by slopsbucket » Sat Dec 22, 2018 05:18

Wonder Build Server.


A place for people to build wonderful things.

No PvP.
No Mesecons, Pipeworks or Robots.
No economy, no vending machines.

What you do get is a very wide range of building materials.

You get a limited range of Technic machines to help in making building materials.

Every player starts with a free house that they can place where they want.

There are mobs, both naughty and nice.

There is hunger and damage.

There is no fly, no fast and no noclip.

This game has been designed with a few goals in mind.

It will hopefully encourage people to make nice buildings instead of ugly square boxes. Fully automated machinery and economy have been removed, this game is about making nice buildings, not making money.

There is a large range of building materials available and the map generation has been adjusted to provide more of the raw materials for needed these.

Changes have also been made to the protection system, people can now come into your house and use your machines when you’re not there. They can’t steal from your locked chests or damage your home but they can make use of your equipment. This makes play a lot easier for people working in teams and promotes cooperation.

Player versus Player is also turned off, there are more than enough other games out there for people that like fighting wars, this game is for creative people.

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