Technic Kit Home

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Technic Kit Home

by slopsbucket » Thu Mar 09, 2017 05:42

Technic Starter Kit Home.

Or just a nice little house on the prairie.




The house is surrounded by an attractive and useful garden and it has a full compliment of Medium Voltage appliances. The Medium Voltage workstation is set in a beautiful veneer of living Rubber Wood and comes complete with 3 silver chests and a Craft Guide computer. Down in the basement is a full cascade of 34 centrifuges fully automated to refine your uranium. Every thing a builder needs to get started on really big projects.

House and garden package requires 41 X 41 nodes of ground area and needs to have Position 1 set at 17 nodes deep. There's 10 nodes above ground making 27 nodes total depth.

The file is a World Edit save file in .we format. It needs to go in a folder called "schems" in your world folder before you can import it using the command "//load kithome" ... 6789560233


KitHome 03.jpg
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KitHome 02.jpg
KitHome 02.jpg (183.17 KiB) Viewed 892 times
KitHome 01.jpg
KitHome 01.jpg (175.11 KiB) Viewed 892 times

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