[Tutorial] Using very large Schematic files.

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[Tutorial] Using very large Schematic files.

by slopsbucket » Mon Sep 17, 2018 06:23

Creating and using MTS Schematic Files.

Firstly, creating.

Use WorldEdit to mark Positions 1 and 2 so that a box surrounds the entire area that you want to export. Then type the command:

//mtschemcreate [name]

A few notes on that:

It makes no difference which corners of your schem you marked as Positions 1 and 2, in your exported schematic file Position 1 will be the lowest most South Western corner of that area according to the map you are currently working on.

If you are making a schematic of an entire city you need to make sure that map generation has happened in the entire area that you are going to make a schem of. You need to fly around and "discover" all of it. Any areas where the map hasn't yet been generated will be empty space in your schem.

If you do “mapfix” over the whole area before making a schematic file then you will get a schematic that already has all those silly shadows gone.

Making a schematic file will automatically overwrite any other schematic file that has the same name. It won’t ask you first, it just does it.

Importing Schematics.

To import a schematic file it must be inside a folder called “schems” which must be inside the “world” folder that you’re currently using.


Mark the lowest most South Western corner of where you want your schem to start from as Position 1, you don’t need to mark Position 2. Type the command:

//mtschemplace [name]

and the schem will appear upwards and to the North and East of Position 1.


This is for both server and single player, map generation doesn’t occur until you move to an area and “discover” it, so if you import your schematic first then move over the area for the first time trees and caves will get generated in your new schematic. Fly over the entire area first and make sure that the entire area already has it’s trees and caves before importing a schematic.

Servers try their hardest to use as little memory as possible, especially for people that only have tablets. So any area that the server deems as unnecessary gets dropped from memory until it’s later needed and gets reloaded.

Any “chunk” (16x16x16nodes) that is not currently in active memory will not receive it’s corresponding “chunk” of the schematic file. This is no drama, as long as you follow these instructions.

This actually turned out to be a bug in the main Minetest engine and is fixed in Final Minetest.
The advice is good for people using other versions of Minetest though.

* Enable Full Range View before you start. (R key)

* Mark position 1 and import your schematic.

* Now start flying everywhere over your schematic inspecting it.

* Do Not try placing more blocks. Do Not re-enter World Edit. Just fly around looking.

* When you encounter an area with a missing chunk (s) hit the / key then press the UP key, this will recall the last command typed. Then hit Enter to once again load the schematic file.

* Stay where you are until that chunk gets filled then carry on looking for more missing chunks. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

For something the size of Angkor Wat it’s not outside of normal to have to repeat //mtschemplace a dozen times.

* The missing chunks issue is a bug, if you're using Minetest 0.4.15 or earlier you won't have this problem.

Hope that helps some people.


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