Schematic Files That Work!

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Schematic Files That Work!

by slopsbucket » Sun Oct 21, 2018 13:01

This is what has been keeping us so busy for the past month or more. Debugging Minetest. Successfully.

The new Final Minetest and it’s debugged Bucket World Game aren’t ready for release just yet but you can already visit Bucket World and see many of these changes for yourself. You can use your favourite old client to do this, I’ve even logged in in 0.4.12.
port: 30022
(note: minebest is spelled with a “b”)

Now all the chests and furnaces in imported schematics work properly, you don’t have to explore an area before importing a schem, no missing chunks, no weird shadows, etc. Full list of changes below.


Final Minetest 5, plus the new Bucket World game, offers you the following:

Major features:

* Three major World Edit functions no longer create large black shadows
* WorldEdit //set can now handle regions of up to 150,000,000 nodes
* Based on LuaJit 2.1. For 64-bit X86 systems, LuaJit memory problems should be reduced.
* Runs smooth. Faster than upstream Minetest 5.
* MTS schems break chests and furnaces. Final Minetest 5 includes a work-around.
* Includes most of the Minetest 5 bug fixes
* Imports MTS files without putting holes in buildings or dropping torches
* Imports MTS files without creating strange patterns of rotated blocks
* 64x64 skins. Far more detail. Backwards compatible, of course, with old 64x32 skins.
* Bucket World game is backwards compatible with MT servers back to 0.4.15
* Manual mapgen is no longer needed before schem imports (use //set air instead)

Minor features:

* Compatible with Minetest clients back to 0.4.12 (though 0.4.15 is recommended)
* New //emerge WorldEdit command can be used to force mapgen
* Random gender-neutral skin assignment for new players
* Asteroid belt and Earth-like planetoids are included at no extra cost
* Enhanced /sethome with up to 4 homes allowed
* It's easy to add /place teleport commands (for example, /newyork, /barsoom, etc.)
* Intelligent weather, disabled in outer space, frequencies adjusted to be reasonable
* Bucket World game includes lost, lightweight, and unique blocks dating back to 2012
* Adds colorful and interesting ores and tools from the past as well
* Multiple versions of some objects, such as old and new torches, are supported
* Fewer startup warnings than with most Minetest games
* Each player can optionally have his or her own theme sound (plays on entry to game)
* Improved “fruit” mod with high resolution fruit and more nutritious varieties

Final Minetest 5 emphasizes bug fixes, performance, and its own fun and useful features, but it does include a few of the upstream Minetest 5 features.

Final Minetest 5 doesn’t support 3D Armor. However, most other standard mods from years past should work.


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