How do I install maps?

Loadable maps as opposed to OldCoder's zoomable maps
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How do I install maps?

by Calinou » Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:16

To install maps, you have to extract them first – most of them are in .zip, some of them can be in .rar or .tar.gz format. To extract .tar.gz and .rar files on Windows, you need 7-Zip.

Put the extracted files in the worlds directory of your Minetest installation directory. The files such as env_meta.txt must be directly in the world's directory (eg. worlds/my_world/env_meta.txt).

On Microsoft Windows, downloaded package distributed by celeron55, or use a RUN_IN_PLACE version, your worlds directory is:

If your Minetest is a system-wide installed version on GNU/Linux, your directory is something like (create if needed):


Map authors: .zip or .tar.gz format is preferable, please avoid .rar format when possible.

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