Use of new node group 'cools_lava' advised

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Use of new node group 'cools_lava' advised

by paramat » Sun Nov 20, 2016 00:59

A new node group 'cools_lava' has been added to MTGame, snowblock and ice have been added to this group.
This allows non-water nodes to cool lava.
Eventually this group will trigger lavacooling instead of "group:water", however "group:water" has been left in the lavacoolng ABM alongside "group:cools_lava" to not break mod water nodes.

We recommend you start using this new group and add it to your water nodes in preparation for the eventual change, however it will be many months before "group:water" is removed from the lavacooling ABM.
Example for a water source node:

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groups = {water = 3, liquid = 3, puts_out_fire = 1, cools_lava = 1},

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