bad idea

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bad idea

by mauvebic » Thu Jul 19, 2012 17:06

plz close
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by wokste » Fri Jul 20, 2012 09:21

I think the best method is if we add featured mods.

For making your mod featured, it needs to be on GitHub and been approved by the community.
A list of approved mods is a must, since it will allow people to resolve dependencies fast.

Actually I would require old mods to work on the same standard, to become featured.
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by tkerwel » Fri Jul 20, 2012 09:32

your post is one reason because i dont offer my mod's here. most of the things are done already, there are only a few little differences in texture or crafting.
i personal download a lot of mods and read the code, then get the stuff i need and add it to my own mod. so an other reason why i cant offer my mod.
back to your suggestion abt modder guild's. i think thats a good idea, when a few ppl join in teams and cooperate with there stuff. from this all here would have a benefit.
maybe there a teams for crafting new blocks, an other team witch works new node_box modells, one team for texture and then one team for the hardcore (c++) to help in minetest source code.
as my time is offten limited, due to my projects i run at my job, i cant really get deep into that, sadly. but if somebody needs help with node_box and creating new stuff with that, i would offer my limited help.
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