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Version 0.17.0 (“The Mushroom Update”) released!

by Wuzzy » Mon Apr 03, 2017 02:35

Version 0.17.0 released!
(Nicknamed “The Mushroom Update”)


These are the changes:

  • Add black glazed terracotta
  • Mushrooms spread naturally in darkness
    . Build your awesome underground mushroom farm! :-)
  • Add snow-covered versions of grass block, podzol and mycelium
  • Mushrooms drop as an item in sunlight
  • Mushrooms can only be placed on particular blocks in dark areas
  • Set correct transparency for a couple of blocks
  • Fix hardness and blast resistance of some blocks
  • Fix incorrect wield images of purple carpet and light gray carpet
  • Cacti can now only be placed on cacti and sand
  • Decrease cactus collision box
  • Cobweb sounds
  • Buttons can now be placed at all sides
  • Wooden buttons are now active for 1.5s instead of 1s
  • Change inventory images: Buttons, void
  • Fix some issues with chest metadata (but not all of them :-( )
  • Some blocks now drop as item when they are pushed by a piston. Examples: Bed, door, button
  • New piston stoppers: Signs, activated trapped chests, dispensers
  • Piston arms can no longer be pseudo-dug in Creative Mode
  • Doors can now be placed correctly on blocks which can be replaced (like tall grass or top snow)
  • Large plants can now be replaced
  • Small flowers are no longer replacable

  • Wheat plants now grow in 8 stages
  • Carrots now grow in 8 stages (4 distinct appearances)
  • Potatoes now grow in 8 stages (4 distinct appearances)
  • Fix image of a beetroot stage
  • All farming plants now drop when the supporting block is removed
  • Improve selection boxes of all farming plants

Bone meal:
  • Bone meal advances potatoes, carrots and wheat by 2-5 stages
  • It advances beetroot by 1 stage at a chance of 75%
  • Bone meal now finally works on all saplings, has a chance to increase the growth stage. You may need multiple tries to make a sapling grow

Map generation:
  • Generate red and brown mushrooms next to trees and rarely in the underground
  • In cold areas, generate areas of top snow on top of snow-covered grass blocks
  • Desert temples now generate in higher areas in actual deserts instead of beaches.
  • Rotate pumpkins randomly
  • Slightly reduce probability of pumpkins and melons
  • Remove the default Minetest dungeons
  • Remove the ugly holes in the flat mapgen
  • Fix broken layering of flat mapgen
  • Cacti and sugar canes can appear on red sand as well
  • Alliums and blue orchids are very slightly less common

Crafting recipes:
  • Add temporary recipes for chain armor, dark oak sapling, acacia sapling and birch sapling

  • Update Documentation System to version 1.1.0
  • Reveal some help entries for the most basic items (torch, stick, stone, dirt, water, etc.) by default
  • Fix bad slab help
  • Fix incorrect display of blocks with infinite hardness
  • Lookup tool identification fixes: Redstone, lit redstone ore, lit TNT, nether wart, water, lava
  • Add help for mushrooms

Other changes:
  • Update the wieldview mod. This fixes problems of the armor sometimes being invisible
  • Change armor slot textures

Compability notes:
  • No known breaking changes
  • Because there are now more growth stages for some farming platns, the affected existing plants may revert to a lower growth after updating. This is only happens once after updating, so don't be surprised
I'm creating MineClone 2, a Minecraft clone for Minetest.
I made the Help modpack, adding in-game help to Minetest.


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