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Undertale Artwork

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 09:52
by ErrorSans

This post is primarily a test, though we should probably have an Undertale forum.

These are Ink Sans and Error Sans toys assembled and photographed by Blue Rainfall, a primarily digital artist in the U.K. The design isn't original; it's based on a YouTube tutorial.

Error Sans is a character that Moono liked. He (the character) is available as a MT skin. I haven't checked yet to see if there's a MT skin for Ink Sans as well.

The photograph is believed to be redistributable.


Ink Sans is the embodiment of a healthy community that seeks to create and explore alternate universes. The context is Undertale; more about that another time.

Error Sans is a brother or alternate self to Ink Sans who seeks to destroy universes that are different and that don't conform to his vision.

Re: Undertale

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 13:45
by ErrorSans

This is Paper Jam by 7goodangel. The artwork was posted on the Undertale AU Wiki.

Update: The artwork was uploaded to the Undertale AU Wiki by somebody other than 7goodangel. So, it may not be redistributable.

One writer states: "Paper Jam is the child of the Ink!Sans and Error!Sans ship. His left eye has a yellow star and most of the time, he is seen with a paint splattered scarf."

I haven't learned what a "ship" is, in this context, but other sources suggest that Paper Jam is the son of Ink Sans and Error Sans and/or an embodiment of the two characters in one.

The latter mode would be confusing as Ink Sans seeks to preserve universes and Error Sans wishes to destroy them.


Re: Undertale

PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 06:35
by ErrorSans

Some related notes:

* Error Sans was created by Lover of Piggies
* His character alignment is Chaotic Evil
* An Undertale wiki (there are several) states that he was born in HappyTale

An MC skin for Error Sans is provided below. This is a 64x64 skin, so it'll only work in the following contexts:

* Minecraft
* The OldCoder Minetest worlds (most support both 64x32 and 64x64 skins)
* Regular Minetest worlds if you crop the image to 64x32 (greatly reduces quality)


Re: Undertale

PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 02:44
by OldCoder
Sans and Papyrus, Cat version by ckibe