Serverlist not working

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Serverlist not working

by rudzik8 » Sat Jul 01, 2023 09:30

Final Minetest's serverlist, also known as, currently refuses to work, thus not letting you walk and talk with other folk, making it really awk :'(

The solution (more like a workaround, but still) is to open the Settings, press All Settings, open the Server / Singleplayer branch and doubleclick the Serverlist URL option to change it.
I don't know many alternative reliable serverlist options for Minetest. I've tried two serverlists:
  1. MultiCraft's serverlist (
  2.'s serverlist (

Sadly, the 1st one (MultiCraft one) doesn't work with Final Minetest.
The 2nd one ( one) does work (attachment as a proof), but it doesn't show servers, such as Moontest, Skydoom or Woofworld. But it does fix the problem nonetheless.
Screenshot of the 2nd serverlist in action
2023-07-01_16-27.png (125.33 KiB) Viewed 10174 times

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