banned myself but didnt

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banned myself but didnt

by LaserJet » Thu Mar 30, 2017 03:03

Probably not a bug but i still need help

So i banned my brother just for fun (from the minetesthosting website) . . . i was going to unban him but i cant get back inside my server with my admin account but it says i was banned but i wasnt. . . It wasnt even on the same tablet

The accual message was this

ERROR: Access denied. Reason: Your ip was banned. Banned name was gggfdtgdtg

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Re: banned myself but didnt

by MineYoshi » Sat Apr 01, 2017 16:30

Your brother uses the same Internet as you do... So when you banned him, you actually banned his IP too for sure. His IP is your IP, so you banned yourself. Simply as that.

Maybe you can request help to minetesthosting to unban yourself, you can access to your server from a different IP too.
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