Indicators, that show NOT Minetest client on work

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Indicators, that show NOT Minetest client on work

by Explorer » Wed Jan 30, 2019 06:01

original post from .net forum
to be able to block them, as needed

For me there are two reasons to WANT to block them:
* I pay money for hardware, Internet and electric to run my Minetest Server, NOT want it used from thees apps making money for there app programmer
* I want to make sure all gamers on my server have same chances (not changed by advantages or cheats from apps)

as there is a list of minetest forks,
and discussions about other apps (mainly because of there advantages, mean cheats)

so here a collection about
Indicators, that show NOT Minetest client logged in

* player name
    * 2 diggit ending name --> use mod no_guest to block
    * 3 diggit anding name --> use mod no_guest to block
    * 4 diggit ending name --> use mod no_guest to block
* no move (same position) but keep running (most followed by time out) --> maybe informs fake game players
* often login and logout by "times out" (could be caused by advertisement break and exit, restart game and login)
* sorted (gold-)chest, even sort is OFF
* open chests (view) that doesn't close anymore
* open and access locked chests / doors
* dig on area protected zones
* can fast, fly - maybe noclip
* have creative
* can store 65535 same items in his inventory, not only 99
* just with login they have diamond armor (that is cheat ! my server))
* on server action reports
    * reset position (moves too fast) for a long time -->
    * tried to ... position from too far (normal is value 40, some try with value 120 )
      here I just got a report on my server and a known Gamer just testing .org client, and got up to distance 10 instead of 4 - and he reported, that the server blocked him, as "wrong client"

for help to find solutions to get rid of them.
* try to identify which client clone it is
* try to use or build mods to block them
* or warn them, give hint
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Re: Indicators, that show NOT Minetest client on work

by OldCoder » Wed Jan 30, 2019 08:05

Thoughts on the issue:

* We're not fond of current approaches to blocking hacked clients and/or clone clients.

The current approaches tend to be unreliable and/or to make the game less enjoyable for normal visitors. I'm referring, for example, to jerky motion.

* We might add API calls to the core engine which check for certain identifying patterns of activity. Or which log more information for later analysis.

* An external tool which analyzes activity based on logs might be a useful approach. It would impose no load on the game and wouldn't require normal visitors to suffer through jerky motion. Instead, it would use "xban" to ban malefactors after the next restart of a server.

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