Explorer questions

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Explorer questions

by OldCoder » Wed Jan 30, 2019 06:39

This is my response to a letter from Explorer, who has opened separate threads in this category as well.

On 01/29/2019 Explorer wrote:

Good Morning, so we go in some basic. Where and how we should keep contacting about issues. I want that Questions and solutions might be available also for others (forum). So I start there directly, or I paste the Question and solution in later after I got it together? I read some about IRC, never used ... is it a advantage in compare to forum or mail ?

Sehr geehrte Herr Explorer.

1. There are three places for discussion: (a) email, (b) IRC, and (c) forums. All three are good, but in different contexts.

IRC is like talking directly. It's faster for some things. Such as talking you through build problems in real-time.

Email is better for complicated issues where detailed explanations are necessary.

Forums are useful, once there is a community, to build collective knowledge and to encourage others who are having difficulties.

For your immediate build problems, either post or email details. It appears that you've already started to post them.

MY coming up Issues, here at .org, are that I had problems with make, coming up later when main question about where is done. (Funny just did the same first time with .net source and also not ready, haha)

2. If you can be more specific, we'll explain what to do.

and then there are main issues to keep my minetestserver up, like i started in forum.minetest.net:
* getting run a 5.0-server to see first issues with old 0.4.16 world

3. Old Minetest 5 should load your world. There will be a few mapgen problems. On the "_game" side, Old WorldEdit doesn't work well, but that is already true.

Old clients also won't be able to connect. They've broken protocols at multiple levels. We understand that mobile clients might have problems, even if they're new.

You've been in the old forums recently as Festus1965. What's the experience of other world hosts who have tried the git sources been like?

The real problem with Old Minetest 5 is that they'll continue to break compatibility, to introduce new bugs, to bloat the code, and to express juvenile hostility towards world hosts and those who suggest stabilizing the project and planning for the future.

No sensible world host will continue with Old Minetest if an legitimate alternative that is likely to continue is available.

how to solve LuaJit OOM without disable it, and keep speed

4. If you use the Final Minetest Linux build kit, and if you have a 64-bit machine, the issue might be largely solved. The build kit includes a version of Linux that is supposed to have improved memory management.

Additionally, even without the new LuaJit, CoderEdit, the successor to WorldEdit, has greatly improved code for some operations and can handle larger regions without the OOM problem.

how to possible make (my used) mods running on 5.0 if not

5. Do you mean, "Which mods will work with Final Minetest?" I've commented on this issue, in detail, in another post.

how to get rid of (blocking) (cheating) mobile client apps

6. Thoughts on the issue:

* We're not fond of current approaches to blocking hacked clients and/or clone clients.

The current approaches tend to be unreliable and/or to make the game less enjoyable for normal visitors. I'm referring, for example, to jerky motion.

* We might add API calls to the core engine which check for certain identifying patterns of activity. Or which log more information for later analysis.

* An external tool which analyzes activity based on logs might be a useful approach. It would impose no load on the game and wouldn't require normal visitors to suffer through jerky motion. Instead, it would use "xban" to ban malefactors after the next restart of a server.

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Re: Explorer questions

by Explorer » Wed Jan 30, 2019 08:22

1. I will use mainly forum, as also reporting how to solve, so many people might be able to follow (suggestions, instructions) later, even they are not member in the forum.

As we live in different, guess near 12h time zones, IRC will not work most time, and I am not a coder, so that this is not important thing real time now, I have time can wait. A server down for a day is not killing real live. But I wioll also install it, so if needed I would be ready.

3. See the opened Threads, there is all what matters me just now.

4. I want to prepare and use a second server, with full copy of my running world, but on 5.0 (org or net) to get practice what really will happen, is happening, and so also easy to name the mods work or don’t.
I have enough PC even to try both I think.
Never used git..., even not sure if, but I would be able to install a gitlab.minetest.one if we need to work with, independent.

5. I am going to try, that was today first time a make myself, step by step, and then get this version, or make again, on the 2nd server.

6. that will come up, after i have own mt 5.0 server, and copy my world, then getting all this.

7. However this might be solved, even bots is very bad doing. I continue to collect indicators showing how to detect one. Then might be easier to find the right solution.

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Re: Explorer questions

by slopsbucket » Wed Jan 30, 2019 08:28

Explorer, what Linux distro are you using?

And what error do you get when you try to build?

Sorry, I read your other post now at https://forum.minetest.org/viewtopic.ph ... 36#p262147

So you got Final MT to build and run.

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