ServerError: LuaError --> lua:181 attempt to index

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ServerError: LuaError --> lua:181 attempt to index

by Wall-E » Fri Jul 20, 2012 04:36

So, I'm somewhat new to Minetest. (Although I have a decent amount of mods, about 20) And I have Minetest-c55 0.4-20120606 on Windows XP sp2
I installed the craft_guide mod (the one "cornernote" devised), I played and it went well as usual, except when I logged out and tried to log in again, I started getting this ServerError that has prevented me from playing
(the error depicted on the Minetest[Main Menu] window):

ServerError: LuaError:error running function on_activate:\..\mods\minetest\animals/management_funtions:lua:181:attempt to index
field 'current_movement_gen'(a nil value)

In the minetest.exe window I get this:

(after the minetest intro)
20:53:41: ACTION[main]: Server for gameid="minetest" listening on port 30011.
20:53:41: ACTION[ServerThread]: singleplayer joins game. List of players: single
Unsupported texture format
Loaded texture: (directory of sunrise for the game)
Font size: 8 15
20:53:51: ACTION[ServerThread]: singleplayer leaves game. List of players:
20:53:51: ERROR[main]: ServerError: LuaError: error running function on_activate
:\..\mods\minetest\animals/management_functions.lua:181 attempt to index
field 'current_movement_gen' <a nil value>
20:53:51: ERROR[main]: stack traceback:
(that's where it ends)

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by sfan5 » Fri Jul 20, 2012 06:16

The animals Mod is buggy, remove it
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by Wall-E » Sat Jul 21, 2012 02:22

Thanks, that seemed to do the trick for those two maps.
Though yesterday meanwhile I was trying different things, I found that I could play normally on a new map. So is it just "buggy" in general or is something wrong with those other maps?

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