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Auke-Jan Kok

PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 03:18
by OldCoder

This is a research page related to the book in progress. It will probably move to the Fierce Fibers book site.

Nick: sofar
Names: Auke Kok, Auke-Jan Kok, Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok
DOB: Circa 1973

Businesses: Fierce Fibers, Thoroughly Thwacked, Intel Corporation

Business Partner: Stacey Serafin
Former Attorney: Leonard Duboff

Past Email addresses:
Auke Kok <>
Auke Kok <>
Stacey Noel Serafin <>

Fierce Fibers and Thoroughly Thwacked are believed to be located at the business address indicated below.

However, when State records were last checked, the registrations for these companies seemed to be using an old address. The two companies may therefore be in violation of State rules.

Address: 3305 SE Pepperwood Way, Hillsboro, OR 97123 (as of June 09, 2017)