A Tree Puts Out Branches - for Real Bad Angel

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A Tree Puts Out Branches - for Real Bad Angel

by OldCoder » Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:19

To explain the concept behind some of the creative pages, I've posted my own writing elsewhere, but I thought that I'd aim for something less formal here; possibly something less structured than a wiki and less formal than a formal site.

Here's a rhyme that is relevant to the current situation. It was composed on Wednesday, May 08, 2013 for somebody that most of you have met. The fun part is that it was extemporaneous. Before 2012, I couldn't do extemporaneous works.

I was chatting with the subject of the rhyme in IRC at the time. MT old-timers know him as Maciek Kasatkin, Misael Roman, Kika-Ru, Shara, Octupus, Nekogloop, The Red Mood, Laugh All Day, Mark ViederDDoSer :) and, I believe, as Sokomine and Toby Plowy.

He is, of course, the person referred to on my weblog as Chaos.

For what it's worth, not one, but two of my associates in 2012 had connections who were able to confirm that he was on Federal radar as a low-level threat. But the NSA labels even Linux users as low-level threats so that isn't too unusual.

For those who are curious, one of the associates was ESR's friend Susan. To be clear, I respect Susan, but she and I aren't friends. We've only spoken once since 2013.

Upon reflection, Susan and Vanessa remind me a bit of each other in terms of personality. Perhaps that part used to go with the territory for women who needed to prove themselves in tech.

The other associate was Kappelin on my weblog. The same person who I introduced to Red Iosif "Daniel" this year.

Red should have felt honored. Kappelin doesn't talk to most people. He's as skilled as I've said. And he's made out of kindness.

Misael Roman was part of a deal that I made with Perttu Asshola. I was assigned to make him do other than he wished. That was never going to work. It wouldn't work with me, so why would it work with him?

Instead, I worked on the question of what it was that Misael really wanted. Which turned out to be something that I sympathized with.

He rewarded me by creating not one, but two, tribute worlds dedicated to me. He offered me encouragement in 2013 as what was left of my real life disintegrated. But, then again, before that, he'd nearly killed me in real life.

Some of you know that story. It was the time that he persuaded me to move in with him.

I think that he's like the boy in the U.C. Berkeley experiment 40 years ago; the one that I wrote about in a recent public letter. They tested me to see if I was able to communicate with the boy. I believe that I did so.

I think that the rhyme is a fit.

<OldCoder> Thank you!
<OldCoder> And I hope your own purpose evolves
<OldCoder> That there is a tree
<OldCoder> Of branches of people and purposes
<OldCoder> It is an amazing thought

<OldCoder> We can all be many things
<OldCoder> And purpose is what we should strive for
<OldCoder> A tree
<OldCoder> Puts out branches
<OldCoder> Reaches for the sky

<OldCoder> To grow is what it should try
<OldCoder> For
<OldCoder> Before
<OldCoder> the end

<Chaos> nice
<OldCoder> ty



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