Cooking Food - by Loome

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Cooking Food - by Loome

by OldCoder » Tue Aug 28, 2018 07:23

This piece is by my adopted son, Loome, He isn't in Minetest, but he's expressed an interest in meeting some of the regulars and getting to know them.

Cooking Food, by Loome

I did it!
I made food
I sat up
I went to the kitchen

near the stove
I grabbed a pan
to cook food on and
I cooked food on it

I now have food, hot and ready
to be eaten
sitting near me as
I write this

I will eat it soon
when it becomes suitably cold
because presently
it is too hot

I can't eat it now
I will spend the time waiting
for it to cool
by talking to you


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