Lambda School - by various

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Lambda School - by various

by OldCoder » Fri Sep 07, 2018 08:16

From Twitter.

Allen Hai:
Lambda's been on fire with the fires, something I admire. Open for everyone with hustle and desire.

Gabriel Duquette:
What if I tire and get stuck in a mire?

Ryan Holdaway:
Your career coach will inquire about the cause of your ire which will quickly expire if you work and perspire to achieve your desire.

Gabriel Duquette:

Rhyme Thyme
Next to me, most are mime
But this exchange is made of fire
Put gloom on funeral pyre
I'll stop lest I quagmire
Rhymes come to ends
Once message sends
You've earned the OldCoder Rhyme Admire
Dance all day
Dance all night
To the Twitter lyre in the gyre


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