Chicken Salt

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Chicken Salt

by OldCoder » Wed Aug 08, 2018 03:30

This recipe was provided by slopsbucket,

Because I cook, limited choice in the world I live in, I like to use flavoured salt in my cooking. You're probably acquainted with the idea of Chicken Salt. That's basically what I make.

The basic recipe is 2 Kg salt, 250 grams chicken stock and 150 grams of mixed herbs, all mashed up in a mortar and pestle. But you can make any flavours you like. A quick tip, though:

When you grind herbs in a mortar and pestle, you get a very strong smell of the herbs, that's the essential oils of the herbs disappearing into the atmosphere. Put salt in the mortar before you start grinding and most of those essential oils will go into the salt.

I usually use chicken stock, mixed herbs, paprika, a bit of chilli powder, a bit of black pepper, all of the base flavours that I like to use in my cooking. Having a big jar of this on hand makes cooking a lot easier.

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