Cauliflower Balls

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Cauliflower Balls

by slopsbucket » Thu Feb 28, 2019 04:11

Cauliflower Balls?

I don’t know what you’d call these, but it’s a great snack that’s just as good cold the next day as it is when it’s fresh.

But before I can tell you that I have to explain Beer Batter.

Beer Batter is a very light and crispy batter but it should only be used on things that are cooked at a very high temperature very quickly, eg: prawns and calamari.

If you use this batter on thick fillets of fish it will burn. If you slice the fish into small bite sized pieces first then batter and fry it it’s delightful.

Another quick tip about frying – what oil you use is crucial. Simple physics, everyone knows that water boils at 100 degrees, it doesn’t matter how much more heat you put in, the maximum temperature you will reach is 100 degrees. Oils are the same but they have different boiling temperatures, once an oil reaches boiling temperature you’re not going to get it any hotter no matter what you do.

Canola (rape seed) oil boils at about 170 degrees. You can’t cook anything at that temperature, it’s crap, don’t waste your time and money.

Peanut oil boils at about 200 degrees, useful and tasty.

The cheapest of them all is what the asians mostly use.

Rice Bran oil boils at 215 degrees. That’s how come they can cook squids and you can’t. Has no flavour of it’s own.

Beer Batter Recipe:

3 Tablespoons of Flour
1 Tablespoon of Corn Flour (rice flour works even better)
½ can of beer.

Not hard, add more or less beer as necessary and drink the rest.

Another tip for Beer Batter, it’s the very last thing you make before frying. Don’t mix it until the very last minute because you don’t want the beer to go flat.

Now for those little snacks:

Cut up a cauliflower into tiny little trees. (Broccoli works well too)

Make a batch of beer batter but then split it into 3 different bowls. Add a bit of chilli and parmesan cheese to one bowl, add some herbs and garlic to the second, leave the third plain.

Dip the little cauliflower trees in batter and fry them really hot really fast. 3 different flavours, great while watching TV.

Cheap and healthy.



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