Real Pizza

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Real Pizza

by slopsbucket » Mon Apr 15, 2019 22:23

I make my own pizza dough to a traditional recipe taught to me by an old Italian man when I was a kid. It’s impossible to forget and impossible to get wrong because there are only 2 ingredients – flour and water.

I add a little bit of curry powder and paprika to mine to spice it up a bit. After you’ve rolled out the pizza dough to fit your plate dust both sides of it with flour. A ceramic dinner plate makes a perfect pizza dish, do not oil the plate or your pizza will stick to the plate and burn.

I add a little minced garlic and mixed herbs to the tomato paste for extra flavour. I also use bacon instead of ham, much tastier.

Pepperoni, sliced black olives, diced onion. Normally there’d be mushrooms too but I didn’t have any this time.

Add a light sprinkle of parmesan cheese and top with grated tasty cheddar. Cook in a hot oven for 25 to 30 minutes.
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