A Skin Care recipe.

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A Skin Care recipe.

by slopsbucket » Mon Jun 03, 2019 06:19

This is a treatment for dry scaly skin type problems and for dermatitis caused by exposure to chemicals.

100 ml Glycerine
100 ml Lemon Juice

Shake well.

Apply sparingly twice a day, a little bit goes a surprisingly long way.

If you work with chemicals all day put it in a bottle with a plastic lid and put a skewer hole through the lid, you can then just shake a few drops onto your hands as needed.

How it works:

The lemon juice opens up the pores in your skin and allows the glycerine to get inside. Glycerine is like a fertiliser for the layers of new skin forming underneath. Within a few days of use you will have stronger healthier skin that is more resistant to chemicals and other irritants.

If you’ve been scratching and causing sores there’s a chance that you’ve introduced an infection into your skin as well, add a dollop of eucalyptus oil to the mix in this case. Or any other natural oil that’s also a disinfectant.

Where I got it from:

I used to be an Offset Printer with my hands in solvents all day long. The lady that trained me came to Australia in the 1970s as a Polish refugee, she got this recipe from her father who used to work in Polish salt mines. I said to her “Wow, that must be rough on your hands!”, she laughed and said “Not as rough as trying to get fresh lemons in post-war Poland.”.



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