[Mod] Redblockers' utilities

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[Mod] Redblockers' utilities

by yawin » Thu Feb 09, 2017 15:21

Hello! I present my first contribution to this community: Redblockers' utilities

Is a suite of small mods (which can be used separately) to provide certain tools and / or fix certain aspects of the gameplay with which we did not end up agreeing.

First of all I want to warn you that some mods are not mine, but I can not give them credit because I do not remember where I got them or what license they had. If anyone sees a mod whose source knows, please advise.

Meanwhile, in order not to leave them unprotected, I have placed GNU GPL v3 license.

Repository: https://github.com/yawin123/utilities.git

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Re: [Mod] Redblockers' utilities

by Sokomine » Sat Apr 01, 2017 03:39

How about a bit more information here? What do these utilities do?

yawin wrote:Meanwhile, in order not to leave them unprotected, I have placed GNU GPL v3 license.

If you don't know their liscence, you can't release them under one. Just leave them as-is, without a liscence. Maybe Krocks mod search can help you to figure out where the individual parts come from. And please tell us what your own creations do :-)
A list of my mods can be found here.

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