[Mod] codename: voxel mining layer [vml]

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[Mod] codename: voxel mining layer [vml]

by Nyarg » Wed Mar 29, 2017 22:02

Time to tiny wide MT realm )


It is ProofOfConcept now with any errors
Only for test - works once at new world
base cube mesh is weird (see .blend file in mesh directory set_bone slide it by 0.5) will fixed later by bone correct at first.
Make test by set desert_stone then punch it for megaShip / submarine / blockOfNodes ))) assemble.

ToDo 1st common as usual
  • save / rebuild after attached entity formation disappear on far.
  • 6 material mesh for copy textures from node.
  • MeSe needs for make nodes (entitites) moving.
  • Crystals needs for record formation structure.
    • rare (diamonds, emerald ... ) - may reused for new record and have more capacity
    • common (quartz ... ) - first time recording will success but next will destroy to dust
ToDo 2nd
  • simple centerMass physics with impulse transfer for using rocket engines ) , baloons etc
  • collisions & destroing
  • player may walk on
ToDo 3rd
  • simple link stuff like ropes that may transport structure
  • API

+ Spoiler

Download: attachement
Version: ProofOfConcept
Licence: GPLv3
Depends on: none
(426.31 KiB) Downloaded 201 times
I am a noob. still yet. Not so noob ) [vml] WIP
"My english isn't well" I know. I'm sorry )

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