[Mod] farming redo for treasurer [git] [trm_farming_redo]

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[Mod] farming redo for treasurer [git] [trm_farming_redo]

by poikilos » Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:56

This trm (treasure registration mod) registers farming redo items (via Wuzzy's treasurer mod). The items are probably all items you want as loot from TenPlus1's farming redo. This mod may not be as necessary now that minetest with farming redo spawns various farming redo plants, but some server owners may like this mod for supplimenting that. This mod is compatible with trm_farming but does not require it, and registers those items if trm_farming is not detected.

As with any trm, this mod merely adds to the pool of items available to treasurer. You must have at least one tsm installed to determine where loot will spawn, otherwise this mod does nothing.

If you believe the rarity of various items should be changed (they are all the same currently), please provide suggested numbers by replying below. Currently, rarity is 0.006 for all where low number is less rare, precioiusness is 2 for all (these values are based on items of similar value from trm_farming).

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Requires: treasurer, farming (TenPlus1's farming redo)
Optional: trm_farming

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