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by OldCoder » Thu Sep 20, 2018 05:08

"ocblocks" is a replacement for several small decorative mods. Additionally, it adds its own versions of a few orphaned blocks plus a few original blocks.

Specifically, this mod provides objects similar to those provided by the following mods:

glowstone, permaleaves, LMB, and LMBB

It also adds a glass-steel block and a white brick rescued from other, defunct, mods.

If "glowstone" and "permaleaves" are not installed, appropriate aliases for the objects in those mods are set up.

The LMB[B] textures are just 16x16 but look good enough.

The rest of this document lists the objects provided.

Drop-in replacements for two mods:

Glowstone: ocblocks:glowstone and glowstone:glowstone
Permanent leaves: ocblocks:permaleaves and permaleaves:permaleaves

Nice individual blocks rescued from misc. defunct mods:

Glass-Steel block: ocblocks:glass_steel_block
White brick: ocblocks:white_brick

A few original decoblocks:

"DBC": ocblocks:dbc
"Lunacorn": ocblocks:lunacorn
Phoenix: ocblocks:phoenix
"Pickachew": ocblocks:pickachew
Puppy: ocblocks:puppy
"Rushing Me": ocblocks:rushingme

There's a pick to give to deserving players:

OldCoder Pick: ocblocks:pick

Simple deco blocks based on the LMB and LMBB mods:

Each of the node names is prefixed by "ocblocks:"

LMB apple crate: lmb_apple_crate
LMB asphalt: lmb_asphalt
LMB checkered wood: lmb_checkered_wood
LMB checkered wool: lmb_checkered_wool
LMB cheese: lmb_cheese
LMB chessboard: lmb_chessboard
LMB chocolate: lmb_chocolate
LMB clock: lmb_clock
LMB coal block: lmb_coal
LMB cobble block: lmb_cobble
LMB concrete: lmb_concrete
LMB crate: lmb_crate
LMB creeper: lmb_creeper
LMB diamond: lmb_diamond
LMB glowstone: lmb_glowstone
LMB green rock: lmb_green_rock
LMB gunpowder: lmb_gunpowder
LMB hard rock: lmb_hardrock
LMB haybale: lmb_haybale
LMB large brick: lmb_large_brick
LMB lava rock: lmb_lava_rock
LMB limestone: lmb_limestone
LMB marble: lmb_marble
LMB marble tile: lmb_marble_tile
LMB pink wood: lmb_pink_wood
LMB potion shelf: lmb_potion_shelf
LMB redstone: lmb_redstone
LMB sand bricks: lmb_sand_bricks
LMB slime block: lmb_slime
LMB square block: lmb_square
LMB stone block: lmb_stone
LMB yellow wood: lmb_yellow_wood

Special LMB-based objects:

LMB glowstone: lmb_glowstone
LMB gold block: lmb_gold_block
LMB wall map: lmb_wall_map


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Re: ocblocks

by Psecrets » Wed Jan 30, 2019 14:16

what I like about this mod is that if you had a block of a mod that you removed or removed the admins it becomes another block and gives chances to give you the nyan cat. I always look for the nyan cat few times I saw it but on servers with many mods and players it is difficult because you have to find an unexplored zone and the mods can generate new objects that lower their percentage of appearance.

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