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by OldCoder » Thu Sep 20, 2018 05:54

Some new OldCoder MT modsets and/or entire "_games" have been under development for a few years. CoderSea, for example, was nearly ready for release in Spring 2017 when events disrupted plans.

A partial list of subsystems includes:

CoderBase -- A large but lightweight set of building mods. Includes a weather system designed to be compatible with multiple realms.

CoderLife -- Highly configurable "mobs" system ranging from light configurations, suitable for Android clients, to heavy duty setups that include, for example, nssm and dmobs.

As a special bonus, CoderLife comes with OldCoder's implementation of CoRNeRNoTe's Critters.

CoderSea -- Complete rewrite of the old "sea" code with gaps filled in and features added.

CoderServer -- Essentials related server-level operations.

CoderSkins -- Multi-world 64x64 "skins" system.

For there to be a point to completing the work, there need to be realistic goals. Such goals might include diverting adults who are sane and creative from the largely dead existing project to one that has a chance of getting somewhere.

Yes, the existing project is largely dead despite the commit rate. Rational people have known and agreed for years that the core devs miscalculated in their near exclusive focus on the core.

Slopsbucket feels that this is possible, so the OldCoder MT subsystems are being dusted off.

Details and progress reports should probably go on but some of this will go into the official forums at for the time being.

For right now, this thread serves simply as an introduction to two lesser mods, CoderFruit and ocblocks. This is for the benefit of two OldCoder adult builders. However, a bit more about other mods will be added.


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