Star Wars (R) AT-AT Walker

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Star Wars (R) AT-AT Walker

by poikilos » Thu Jun 27, 2019 01:45

You really have to see this "in person." Like anything reconstructed in Minetest here "actual size," experiencing it is different than seeing a photo or even a video. Maybe its been done in Minetest, maybe not--but this one is "actual size" using the height from, rounded to the nearest meter, and proportions from the diagram at If you want, you can view it on my server (, using the "Snow Station" teleport destination from Central Station.
  • It faces south
  • It will appear north and east from where you set pos1, as usual for worldedit (9 east, 24 north, 23 high).
  • Use the ground as pos1 before loading (will be replaced with snow, except crevasse where lowest foot is placed.
  • Other than default nodes, the schem uses cblocks:glass_white, cottages:stovepipe, projection_lights:light_node, projection_lights:light, xdecor:pressure_wood_off, ropes:ropeladder, scifi_nodes:black_lights, facade:block_bannerstone_corner, stairs:stair_quartzblock, xdecor:chair, stoneworks:arches_low_wallsilver_sandstone, all of which are in Bucket_Game.
  • Known Issues: doors_owner is poikilos2--shouldn't be a problem since steel trapdoors aren't locked; has a configured travelnet:travelnet owned by poikilos2. Correct these issues by replace all in a text editor (replace poikilos2 with your username, or singleplayer for Single Player mode).

License: CC BY-SA 4.0 Poikilos
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