The Workhouse.

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The Workhouse.

by slopsbucket » Sun Jun 09, 2019 07:07

This was made while actually playing instead of in creative mode. Thorough testing as a normal player is the only way you find many problems, and this build helped me find a few.

This building is more practical than pretty, it is also a good demonstration for beginners on how to set up machines. I used enough Low Voltage Geothermal Generators to create enough power to run a converter and put out Medium Voltage power. And I used it as the decoration and lighting in the ceiling where you can see it all.

The outside is high enough that mobs can’t get in, but there’s no glass so you can run and jump out of any window you please. A very practical Workhouse that’s easy to live with.

30 x 15
10 high, Position 1 is ground level.
The doors face South.

Our latest Bucket Game.


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