"Be View" (b3view) Minetest B3D/Other 3D Model Viewer

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"Be View" (b3view) Minetest B3D/Other 3D Model Viewer

by poikilos » Tue Mar 12, 2019 18:51

"Be View" (b3view) is a model viewer for B3D, X, OBJ, MS3D, 3DS (or any supported by Irrlicht).
Main changes in this fork:
  • stable
  • improved view controls
  • Press t to cycle through Minetest ../textures (uses model directory if no ../textures relative to model)
  • various hotkeys added (see README.md)
  • upon load, automatically change camera distance based on the size of the model
  • working "Start/Stop" button (was there but not implemented before fork) and additional playback controls
  • added license file (GPL v3 was specified on old Google Code project settings, but not included as a file)

Download Source: ZIP
Browse Source: https://github.com/poikilos/b3view
Clone with git: git clone https://github.com/poikilos/b3view.git

Known Issues
  • I have not tested the included Windows batch installer. You must compile before running it, until a release is posted on GitHub.
  • The included Visual Studio projects are very old and haven't been tried since forking. If you create updated project files for current Windows IDEs, please submit a pull request. The code should compile on Windows using the included documentation, at least using the version mentioned there.

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