Mini-Games added to Minetest France

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Mini-Games added to Minetest France

by OldCoder » Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:53

Upon request, the Mini-Games arena has been added to Minetest France. It could be added to other worlds as well.

Presently, Mini-Games are located in outer space. To get there:

* Go to Minetest France at (with a "b") port 30070 (it's a private world not on the server list)

* Type /minigames or /minijeux

Technical notes:

* If I've omitted something, or it doesn't work, you can notify me in-game.

* You can use the command /mail or /email in-game to leave me a message. Or you can just use chat. Remember to include the nick OldCoder in that case.

* The arena isn't protected. However, if it gets griefed or too banged up, we'll just reload it.

* This is the 2014 map. If there's a newer version that is preferred, we'll update it.


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